The Defensive Matrix

What is it?

  • A proprietary scoring system that aims to measure a basketball player’s true impact in all facets of defense.
  • The system provides a numeric value, called the Defensive Performance Value (DPV), that represents a player’s performance in a particular game and an accumulation of games.


How does it work?

  • Every instance that a player is involved in is assigned a value based on the relative impact the result has on a defensive possession.
    • An example of an instance would be a player closing out to a shooter, or pursuing an opponent off of a screen.
    • Positively impactful instances are assigned positive values and vice versa.
    • Values are assigned incrementally based on the degree in which an outcome affects a possession/game.
      • For example, quick recovery on a screen defended against (on or off ball) would be worth 1, while completely defeating the screen would be worth 2, as the latter completely negates any offensive advantage from the screen and thus is deemed more valuable than a slow/average/quick recovery.
      • Thus, the higher a player’s DPV, the better the defensive performance is deemed to be.
    • There are over 75 different classifications that are assigned values based on relative impact.
      • They range from an ‘Earned Steal’ (5) to a foul on a made 3PT FG (-7).
  • The system requires both subjective and objective input from the user based on review of game film.
    • Subjectivity of various inputs is neutralized by user competence and consistency of application.


What does it look like?

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 1.52.24 AM