What’s a Baseline Drift?

A baseline drift is a principle of the read-and-react offense that has any weak side wing player “drift” to the corner when there is a baseline drive by the ball handler.

It can be summarized in the most simplistic form by the following:


The baseline drift serves as an outlet for the baseline drive of the ball handler, and is an effective movement due to both the driver and the drifter becoming below the peripheral eye sight of any defense lacking positional integrity.

The baseline drift was made basketball-famous by the San Antonio Spurs, who used the action in set plays with screening action, as shown here:

Ultimately, a baseline drift is a microcosm of what this site aims to provide in that it is a moderately advanced basketball concept that is recognizable to basketball experts, but not incomprehensible to the casual basketball fan. It could be something that you have noticed, but didn’t realize had a name. It also could be something that you learned when you were eleven, and can recognize in your sleep. Going forward, think of this site as a baseline drift; a necessary outlet from the baseline drive that is your intake of regular basketball content. Whether it nails the corner three or not is up to you. Catch my drift?